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    The Best Video Review of the Provo Bakery That You'll Ever Watch
    I had the honor of joining Provo Restaurant Review (PRR) yesterday for a run to the Provo Bakery! I can finally check that off my bucket list! Check out the video above and see how delicious this place is.

    Also, don't forget to visit the official review page for all of the photos and write-ups of our experience there!
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      Jared I think what everybody really wants to know is where [167313,Brandon Hassler] is getting those dang nice shirts. I'll be waiting for an article on best clothing destinations in Provo from the man himself.
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      Jared Also, awesome review. I forgot how good the Provo Bakery is. Days Market has stolen my heart when it comes to donuts, but Provo Bakery is just as good.
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    Get Your Kate Kelly Vanity Plates Now!
    Saw this gem tonight and I felt like it would be selfish to not share. Now that you know you can get an OW (Ordain Women) or Kate Kelly themed Vanity plate, there are only two questions:

    1. How fast can you get it?

    2. What OW themed plates are left?

    I'm deciding between: 



    THE OW

    What should I choose? Any other ideas?!
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      Alex Whitt Hahahaha this just made my night. Where did you see this?
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      Alex Whitt So I think that car belongs to Kate Kelly's mom?

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      Brittany Gibbs Ugh, that organization is so ridiculous. I feel so terrible for that Mom having to drive around in those plates. The OW movement is full of insecure women who feel the need to "hold something" in order to feel equal or important. It goes everything against true/pure feminism. Why can't we embrace who we are as women and quit trying to compare ourselves against men?
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    McDonald's In East Bay Now Serves All Day Breakfast
    It's no secret that McDonald's will be rolling out it's long-awaited all day breakfast on October 6th. However, I noticed that the McDonald's in Easy Bay (Provo) now serves breakfast all day long!

    Does anybody else know of a McDonald's that is already serving all day breakfast here in the area?
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      Franco Is this true breakfast, like McGriddles and all? Or just like sausage burritos and orange juice?
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    Provo City Officials Relish Over Local Business Closing
    Yesterday Matthew Taylor, who is getting paid handsomely by local tax payers, has been plastering all over social media the news that The Hookah Collection, a local business in the downtown Provo area, will be closing and leaving the city. Matthew couldn't be more excited to see a local business leave.

    I get that the Hookah Collection isn't a popular choice among the predominantly Mormon community, but what about that "Welcome Home" attitude Provo City supposedly has? Heck, Mayor John Curtis himself "liked" the post from Matthew Taylor. What better way for John to tell the world "Welcome Home"? Are we seriously at this point? It's bad enough our own Deputy Mayor publicly mocked local feedback, we now have city officials (including our own Mayor) publicly excited about the fact a local business has closed. 

    Several citizens agree and have posted their thoughts on social media:

    "What does it say to potential business owners when a director of a city department posts something like this on a public forum? It says that Provo City is anti-business. Whether or not that is true, and whether or not the business aligns with your personal belief system is irrelevant. Perception is reality. The fact that you are applauding any business that leaves Downtown is inappropriate." - Chad Pritchard

    "Seconding Chad's take on the situation. I just noticed they'd moved when we drove by yesterday...and the first thing I thought of was how everyone's always complaining that businesses are leaving Provo and especially downtown...and how we supposedly want and welcome diversity...so I thought to myself, "Oh, no...another one gone?" And wondered why they moved to Orem. We live near downtown, and my husband (who's Turkish) and I checked out the place soon after it opened. They had lots more than just hookahs...which we were happy to discover, as we were looking for some gifts and also possible decorations to add to our home and our still-dreaming-about Turkish/Middle Eastern cafe. The owners and employees were friendly and helpful...and other customers I've seen in and around there over the years have in no way been problematic for others in any way (which I can't say the same about at other places in and around town, in my experience, both as far as the owners/workers and the customers are concerned). I'm sad...on a number of levels...to see some of the reactions to their leaving." - Deb Tokarewich

    Matthew Taylor, after realizing the hole he just dug himself, tried backing out of the excitement by claiming his opinions were made as a resident, not a city official. Really? 

    "Chad, I am a resident of the Downtown Provo neighborhoods and an employee of the Provo City Council. As an employee of the Council I say very little about current Council policy issues on these sites. This is not a Council policy issue. So my sentiments posted here are mine as a resident. Do you believe my association with the City restrains my free speech rights as a citizen? I personally view this business as detrimental to the overall success of all Downtown businesses, and therefore it is a PRO business sentiment. Best Motel in my neighborhood is a bad acting business. I will be happy if they shut down, too, because they are detrimental to everything around them. It's not about the people who frequented this establishment, it is about the general effect on the overall success of the area. I have heard enough sentiments from people to conclude that this business was not helping the positive direction that Downtown Provo is headed in." - Matthew Taylor

    Sorry buddy, but regardless "which Matthew" we had the privilege of hearing from, that's pretty messed up to go out of your way to repost to several social feeds about your excitement of a diverse business closing. 

    Personally, I couldn't care less about The Hookah Collection leaving Provo, but it sickens me when several paid city officials are publicly relishing in the fact that a local business has decided to leave the city.

    Welcome Home!
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      Brittany Gibbs It is sad to see one of the few businesses that attracted a non-LDS crowd leave the city. I'm trying to figure out why city officials would delight over this. We're they not paying their taxes or something?
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      Alex Whitt How did I miss this?
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      Nyanyo Or they could be leaving just because the there isn't a large market in Provo? Not much you can do about that. We want businesses that do well in Provo. Just because you're a "diverse" business doesn't mean anything. Seriously would be great if alot of the run down businesses on 3rd south would move out as well.
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    Litter Problem in South Provo
    Hey guys, I've noticed that while down town Center Street tends to be pretty clean and trash free, as soon as you get to 300 south things take a turn for the worst. Soda cans, wrappers, cigarette butts, food, etc. litter the street. I've gone out and cleaned up half of 300 myself just because I was tired of trash on my street.

    I've been looking at the Provo website and can't find any evidence of a public sector department that handles street/sidewalk cleaning. There's sidewalk repair and street sweeping, but no organized effort to control or correct litter issues.

    A few discussion questions:
    1. Am I wrong? Is there a department that handles this? If so, how can I contact them?
    2. How many of you are having similar trash issues on your street/in your neighborhood?
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      Brittany Gibbs I'm pretty sure this falls under the "Streets Maintenance"department. You can check out their page at http://www.provo.org/departments/public-works/streets-maintenance.

      Along with your other comments, I have noticed that some areas of Provo look great and others not so great. It so weird how Provo's planning department is very strict on how homes are built, how the landscaping is done, etc and other areas look SO white trash and the city does nothing.
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      Dixon Litter is in the realm of civic responsibility. Litter is everyone's responsibility to not contribute to it and pick it up when we see. The City does have a routine of sweeping the streets, which really means hitting the curb/gutter and 6 foot wide swath of street. Anything on the sidewalk or park strip is usually left to the adjacent property owner to remove. In cases of a large quantity of random trash or junk dumped in the public way the City can remove this, but only when they become aware. There is no one person responsible at the city for publicly dumped trash removal or searching the City for the same. The City does participate in the form of large roll off dumpsters for organized neighborhood volunteer clean up activities. And you can always call 311 in Provo to report a concern or issue.
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      Zach Collier Thank you for this information!
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    BYU Fans Use Crowdsourcing to Sell Out BYU/Boise Game
    In 2014, BYU football's average stadium attendance was the lowest since 1981. (http://universe.byu.edu/2015/01/13/2014-attendance-at-lavell-edwards-stadium-the-lowest-since-19821/)

    This could have been for many reasons. Taysom Hill was injured, BYU was terrible. Etc, etc.... 

    Maybe in attempt to change that, BYU fans crowdsourced tickets to the home opener versus Boise State. (https://www.gofundme.com/ya3rz8rg) This GoFundMe raised $545 and then sold tickets for $5 to "families in Provo that want to go to the game, but can't buy tickets."

    Crowdsourcing like this is probably very common throughout sports and there is nothing necessarily wrong with it. It's quick, powerful, and dang efficient. So why not do it?

    Is this a good way to improve attendance and provide families with a chance to go to the game or just an attempt to keep fans of the opposing team from getting tickets?

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    Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) With Local Tech Bootcamp CEO's
    We're excited to announce our first-ever live AMA! But what is a "live" AMA? Just like AMA's on Reddit you'll ask your questions below in the comment section. Then our panel of CEO's will be answering your questions live at The Startup Building on October 13, 2015! Seats are expected to fill up fast so you'll want to hurry and RSVP by visiting our Eventbrite page. Tickets are completely free.

    We have CEO's from Utah's hottest tech bootcamps, (John Richards of Startup IgnitionCahlan Sharp of DevMountain, and Brandon Hassler of Market Campus) taking your questions. You can ask them anything related, but not limited to, tech, business, entrepreneurship, coding, digital marketing, and education in general in the comment section below.

    Moderating the event will be Sid Krommenhoek, Managing Partner at Peak Ventures. Before the event begins we'll be taking the best (and most upvoted) questions below and asking our CEO panel. 

    In order for your question to be answered at the October 13th event, you must ask it below beforehand! The panel will not be taking additional questions at the live AMA.

    Don't forget to get your free ticket for the event by clicking here. If you have any questions about this event don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@provobuzz.com.
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      Alex Whitt This question is for DevMountain. As we get closer to an almost inevitable tech bubble burst, will developers find themselves struggling in the job market? It seems with all of the overvalued tech startups either closing or having major layoffs, there are going to be A LOT of developers and not near as many job openings.
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      Brittany Gibbs We're starting to see more female CEO's in today's society. However, not all women have the desire to "work up the corporate ladder" to a leadership role at a big company. What advice do you have for moms who have family obligations (raising kids with a working husband) but also want to take their passion and turn it into a business?
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      Brian Hansen With so much information being freely available online, how do you convince potential students that your bootcamp is worth the investment?
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