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    Why is Carina Wytiaz being painted as a minority in Provo?
    Local elections have come and gone and now that the dust has settled it's time to examine how the race has gone. If you haven't had a chance to check out the results, you can do so by clicking here.

    One of the races I was paying close attention to was Carina Wytiaz taking on George Stewart for the City Wide II position. I've met both candidates and both are great people. I think either candidate would have done a great job.

    What made me so curious about this specific race was the fact that Courtney Kendrick, Provo City's Community Outreach Adviser handpicked by Mayor John Curtis himself, has gone through exhaustive efforts to paint Carina Wytiaz as minority in the race. If you aren't already familiar with the two, Courtney and Carina are two white women that live in Provo who love talking about social injustice. To be honest, I thought Carina had this race in the bag. She did everything right and dominated social media. So I was honestly shocked when I saw Carina didn't win.

    First Courtney wrote an "Open Letter to Provo" that claimed the culture in Provo doesn't respect women and how she doesn't want to raise her children in the Provo that she herself grew up in. Voting another woman in office could solve all of this.

    "In two weeks all of us will have an opportunity to vote pro-female" said Courtney in her post. So by voting for George Stewart we are essentially saying we are anti-female? 

    The day after Carina Wytiaz lost the election Courtney took her thoughts to the Provo Forward group on Facebook with this post:

    I am so proud Carina today. She ran a great campaign and represented Provo (social) progressives in a smart, confident way. In what is really good news, she only lost by 6% of the vote, signaling that the tides are changing here in Provo. She ran a race as an underdog and historically under-represented citizen--I think there were many people who doubted she could make up some a huge margin in the traditional votership here--and it was so close! I'm hopeful more than ever for Provo. And Carina, thank you for making a HUGE wave in turning the tide. Next election I hope to see more women, more people of color and more progressives jumping in to help grow Provo in smart, safe ways for everyone, now is the time!"

    Am I the only one going crazy here? Carina Wytiaz is a white woman who lives in arguably the whitest city in America. How on earth does that qualify her as an "under-represented citizen?" Even trying to play the "woman card" doesn't work. We have had dozens of women in office in my time living in Provo (including Courtney's own Mom) and we currently have two women in a city council position. I love Carina but she isn't exactly a trailblazer in local politics.

    Like I said before, I think Carina is a fantastic person. I would have been happy to see her win. I just hated seeing so many treat her like a special ed student. She's a woman and she is perfectly capable of winning a political race with any special help. It's sad that some are trying to guilt voters into electing a person solely because of their gender. Despite having arguably one of the largest ad spend budgets in the race, Carina barely lost the election. It was a fantastic race to watch and she did great. Being a woman wasn't her weakness, she lost primarily because she was going up against someone with a lot more professional experience. Could Carina have done a better job? Probably. But George Stewart was simply a safer choice for voters.
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      Alex Whitt That was an exciting race to watch. Props to Carina for putting up such a great fight. I'd be curious to see how much each candidate has spent on advertising. For a while I couldn't watch a YouTube video without watching that video above first.
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      Brittany Gibbs Wow I have never seen any of these posts before so that was certainly enlightening. I would agree that Courtney put to much emphasis on the fact that she's a woman and not enough on her qualifications on the position. As for the minority aspect of this post, I would venture to guess that was Courtney was referring to the fact that Carina was an open feminist/progressive running for office in Provo. Obviously a left-leaning candidate (regardless of gender) is going to have a tougher time getting elected in such a conservative area.
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      James Harrow The funny part about all of this is that Utah is by far one of the best states for women to live in. Majority of women WANT to be stay at home moms. Sure you are going to have a chunk of women that want a career and I think that is fantastic and it's highly supported in Utah. It's sad that we live in a world where women are being guilted into going back to work because they'll otherwise be painted as "weak."
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    Have you ever noticed the arrow pointing down in BYU's logo?
    This has been pointed out before, but it's interesting to me how many people have never noticed this. Ute fans may argue that this arrow is fitting considering their struggling football program.

    If that isn't enough, does the fact that the Y is asymmetrical drive anybody else nuts?
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      Danny Guzman Do people really think BYU's program is struggling? 6-2 with a frosh QB. 10 straight bowls. Yeah they're not a sure playoff bid but is Utah?

      And the Y has been used since the 70's. Only seems new cause Crowton got rid of it.
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      Zach Collier Great. Now I can't unsee that arrow.
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      Jared Doesn't every letter Y ever have an arrow pointing down? Not really any way around that one...

      That Y is definitely funky though. Maybe it is suggesting that less people at BYU 'choose the right' and more the left, thus why the right portion is skinnier. Or that the 'straight and narrow path' to Heaven is skinnier than the path to Hell. Who knows...
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    A Huge Development You Should Be Aware Of
    Personally, I'm stoked for some more stuff to do downtown and some decent living options for my wife and I when I graduate. I finally can picture myself sticking around here, and I'm SO excited I won't have to be living in a basement apartment of an over-priced, carved up house where my paint is peeling and there are pre-existing holes in my walls, and I'm contractually obligated NOT to fix them. So glad Provo is finally stepping up their game! Love it here!
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      Dixon This image posted was a concept plan produced many years ago as one possibility of what could happen on Block 70. No doubt there is a residential project underway on this block, but not like the image posted. I will see if I can find the site plan for current project. It is exciting to have new residential development happening in downtown.
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    Studio C Does a Spot On Breaking Bad Parody
    I'm normally not much of a Studio C fan, but they actually did a pretty good job at this Breaking Bad parody. The BYU group takes a "clean" approach to telling the Breaking Bad story and I was surprised how well they played Jesse and Walter. 

    How do you think they did? Let me know in the comments below!
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    Provo City Chamber of Commerce City Council Debate
    Did you miss the Provo City Council Debate? Check out this video above for the full debate.
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    Huge Announcement Made At Provo Buzz Live AMA
    Last night at the first ever "Provo Buzz Live AMA", I had the opportunity of representing Market Campus alongside John Richards of Startup Ignition and Cahlan Sharp of DevMountain. During the event we answered many questions that were asked via the Provo Buzz AMA page (videos will be posted tomorrow). However, the most significant part of the event happened at the beginning when all three bootcamps announced the launch of "Skills Association", a network of the top skills-based training programs in the world. The coolest part of all of this is that it is starting right here in Provo, Utah. Mayor John Curtis followed with his remarks about this amazing announcement and what it means for Provo.

    You may be reading this thinking, "Uhh, that's cool I guess? I don't see why this is a big deal." Allow me to give my two cents.

    Yearly college enrollment has been steadily declining every year for the past few years while programs like DevMountain, Market Campus and Startup Ignition have been growing rapidly. Society is recognizing the value in focusing on a specific trade and getting hands-on experience for a fraction of the cost and time. 

    As more programs like these continue to launch throughout the country (and the world), it is going to be harder for the average person to filter out the elite programs from the mediocre programs. That is where Skills Association comes in.

    Skills Association only accepts the best of the best into its network. If a skills-based program is listed in their network, you can feel good about enrolling in that program. All accepted schools/programs must meet certain standards of quality.

    With organizations like Skills Association launching right here in Provo, it continues to solidify the fact that Provo is a serious player in the tech industry.