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    The Old Theatre
    Has anyone else noticed the old (I think it was a Carmike or a Cinemark) theatre down town? It appears to be vacant. It sits behind the Convention Center on 100 N and Freedom. At least I'm pretty sure that's the location.

    2 Questions: 
    Does anyone know if there are plans to do anything with that property/location?
    How bomb would it be to have a NICE theatre down town instead of at one of the malls?

    EDIT: It is in fact an old Carmike Cinemas
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      Yep, it was Carmike. "The Central Square", it had four screens and the theaters were noticeably shorter (from screen to back row) and wider than a standard theater. It didn't feel that much different from a standard theater though. The Carillon Theaters in Orem definitely had the most unique setup of any multi-screen theater I've been to.

      Carillon in Orem was Carmike, and closed in 97' when Carmike went bankrupt. Wynsong is a Carmike theater, so I don't see a second Carmike going into Provo. Cinemark has the Provo Towne Center a few miles away and the new(ish) University Mall theaters, So Cinemark isn't going there for sure. That leaves Larry H. Miller Megaplex as an option. I think it's safe to say that isn't going to happen, but who knows!? My money is on that block being either multiple hotels or a large hotel with some small retail mixed in.
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      Zach Collier Thanks for getting me that information! Yeah, I hope the space gets used well. I feel like Center street and the first few blocks of University make Provo feel like a city. But the surrounding areas are too space inefficient. Huge lots with very little building on them. Whoever takes over Central Square could do wonders for Downtown Provo.
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      Brandon Hassler Having a theatre downtown would be very bomb, especially for the surrounding retail. However I never see a major chain going in downtown simply because of the parking. I would love to see somebody build out a cool theatre room and make it unique. Going to the big chain theaters can get repetitive and it would be nice to have a small, packed theater downtown to switch it up.
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    VIDEO: Video Captures Shooting of BYU's Charles West
    WARNING: Video has strong language and could be disturbing to some.

    You may have already seen this, but high school graduate Charles West from Coppell, Texas was shot at six times but fortunately was only hit once in the arm as he ran for his life. No life threatening injuries. 

    Charles, 18, has committed to play football for Brigham Young University and may be the programs new problem child. According to D Magazine, "In January he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of marijuana during an incident in which he also allegedly solicited sex from a prostitute specializing in foot fetishism and S&M."
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      Zach Collier Yikes. Well, hopefully BYU can provide a good environment that can help him turn his life around. But that might be too idealistic. Here's to hoping.
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      Brandon Hassler Man is that kid lucky. Yeah I could see this kid being a PR nightmare for BYU if he doesn't make some changes.
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    Bronco vs LaVell: Who Is The Better Coach?
    Bronco Mendenhall has had some big shoes to fill since his first day of taking over the head coaching position at BYU. It's safe to say it is unfair to compare Bronco's 10 seasons to Lavell Edwards 28 seasons. Now that Bronco is getting ready to kickoff his 11th season, I thought it would be a great time to look back and compare Bronco Mendenhall's first 10 years as head coach to LaVell Edwards's first 10 years. Even the biggest critic of Bronco Mendenhall has to admit that he isn't far off from Lavell Edwards. In some cases Bronco has done a better job than LaVell, such as appearing in more bowl games, producing more All-Americans and creating tougher schedules for BYU.

    What do you think of the comparison? On paper who do you think started out as the better coach? Assuming Bronco keeps his pace with LaVell, will his next 10 years continue to improve? I'd love to hear your comments below!
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      Nate Phillips The only stat that looks better for Bronco is the bowl appearances and record. Of course, remember that in 1970 there were 11 bowl games. In 2010 there were 35 - and the caliber of opponents is therefore potentially lower (it is). So the bar isn't equal.
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      Jared Lavell only played 7 top 25 games compared to Bronco's 19. I don't care if Bronco only won four. It takes guts to have a schedule like that.
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      Alex Whitt Poor Bronco, only 3 wins against Utah.
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    Is University Parking Enforcement (Going) Out of Business?
    I was driving by the old University Parking Enforcement towing yard and it was no longer UPE there. It looked like some other car repair/towing place. I looked at their website and it appears they are still in business, but I NEVER see their tow trucks rolling around the city like they used to. Does anybody know what the deal is? Ever since Provo City passed those new rules for towing I've never heard complaints.
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    I'm camping out for the Provo parade tonight for the first time. What shoul...
    The title is pretty self-explanatory, but I keep hearing about how fun it is to stay up all night for the parade. I've never been super impressed with the parade, but many I talk to say they go more for the night before. What could possible be so great about it? Or is it all hype and no delivery?
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      Brittany Gibbs Honestly it's not that great. Let me step back, if you are under the age of 19 and want to pretend like your drunk without actually drinking, it's a blast. It's become a giant "Provo All-Star" hangout. Tonight will be even worse as the concert downtown will only bring in more of them.
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      Mike Romero I think it's really fun but don't think you are going to have a great spot for the parade. Come 9am tomorrow no matter how close you are to the road, a family WILL plop right in front of you with chairs and not feel a bit bad about it.
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      Alex Whitt I'm with [167475,Brittany Gibbs] on this one. 10 years ago it was genially a good time, now it's become a giant Chuck E. Cheese's party for all Utah County high schoolers.
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    You'll be impressed by this Provo Rap Cover
    There's some decent rap out of Provo, but I don't think I've ever come across something of this caliber. The production is top notch, the video is well produced, the lyrics are powerful and the flow is pleasing, and they put such a fresh spin on this song that it took me until half way through to realize it was a cover. This is the first Provo rap video to make me want to spontaneously share.

    What are your thoughts?
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      Brittany Gibbs Considering the only other "rapper" Provo has is Chance Lewis (who's music would dominate Reddit's "cringeworthy" section), this guy ain't bad!
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    VIDEO: Watch a Hot Air Balloon Crash In Provo
    You've seen it all over social media today, but if you are like and hate watching a 2 minute clip of reporters hyping up the crash, here is the raw video. 

    If you aren't already aware, nobody died in the crash. The pilot was burned from dripping fabric but overall O.K.
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      Brittany Gibbs Really? That's it? From the volume of news coverage I was expecting an actual crash, not a landing....
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      Aiden Pearce The lady in yellow at 0:35 haha
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      Zach Collier I'm glad they landed safely. That could have been very bad.
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    BearWall Collection Gives Insight Into Provo Music
    Not sure if you all have heard of BearWall Collection, but they are fantastic. A crew of a couple college guys in Provo, they film beautiful 1 shot, 1 take acoustic performances of local bands. To date, they have 540 subscribers and 189,000 views on their YouTube channel, largely for the cover Jen Blosil did of "Hanging Tree" from Hunger Games.

    The video attached is a 1 take my band, DateNight, did a few weeks ago with them. You should check out more of their stuff. 

    You can follow them on Instagram via @bearwallcollection. Visit them on Facebook here:

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    Provo Firework Restrictions 2015
    The time has come once again for us to do what we Americans do best: blow crap up. The question is, what can we blow up, where can we do it, and when? The below information is taken from a KSL article outlining the various restrictions throughout the state. I've simplified it by just including Provo's.

    Fireworks are illegal to be lit in the following circumstances:
    • Within 100 feet of any place where fireworks are being sold
    • Within 300 feet of any church, hospital, rest home, retirement center or school
    • In such a manner that the fireworks project over or onto the property of another person
    • Without the consent of the person owning the property
    • In a public park, except Sertoma Park, Exchange Park, Fort Utah Park, Footprinters Park, Provost Park or Kiwanis Park
    • From or into any motor vehicle or at or near any person
    Fireworks are also prohibited in the foothills on the east bench: east of Timpview Drive, east of 900 East between Birch Lane and Timpview Drive, east of Birch Lane, east of Seven Peaks Boulevard, east of State Street between 900 South and the south city limits, and anywhere on the Brigham Young University campus.A map of the restricted areas can be viewed online.
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      Brittany Gibbs Dang I live in a "restricted" area :( I'll just pretend I didn't see this :)
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      John Thanks Brandon. I appreciate your help. ......Lol Brittany.
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    Why hasn't The Daily Herald Moved?
    Back in July of 2013 The Daily Herald announced a "rebranding". In short, the paper founded in 1909 was going to become more hip along with a huge focus on digital services. I was super excited when I read the news as I grew up reading The Daily Herald, but recognized it was becoming completely out-of-touch with anybody under the age of 45. 

    I've heard from inside-sources that by last fall they were supposed to have a completely revamped website that was just going to demolish all other Utah news websites, but sadly they still have the same 1998 newspaper look with about 80% of the page being advertisements. Hopefully one is the works so we can have someone give KSL a run for their money.

    I'm more so curious why The Daily Herald hasn't been able to move out of that giant-ass 43,000 square foot building off Freedom Blvd. Their goal was to sell the building and be in a new office space around 10,000 square feet. With all of the layoffs they've had to go through it totally makes sense. I also thought a downtown office space would be a sweet location for a paper that is supposed to be the "hub" of local news. However, last time I drove to Taco Bell (sadly that was yesterday) the Herald was still in the same old place. 

    Does anybody know why they are still in the old building? Did they give up? Change plans? Just curious if there were any updates to this.
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      Alex Whitt I don't know for sure, but if I had to venture to guess, I'd say their #1 problem is finding a buyer who wants 40,000 sqft on Freedom Blvd.
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      Zach Collier I'd agree with Alex. 40,000 square feet is quite a large real estate investment. And no offense to the Daily Herald, it's not the prettiest building I've ever seen, nor is it in the best location in Provo.
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    LDS Church Releases Gay Friendly New Era Cover
    I thought this was awesome. I'm not sure if this was a coincidence (since often these issues are planned months in advanced) or if it was planned at last minute due to last weeks "big" announcement. The July 2015 issue for the New Era (Mormon youth magazine) is sporting many churches/temples all in rainbow colors. Is the church trying to tell us something? What do you think?
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    Confirmed: Trader Joes passes on former Kmart space
    Last week Janelle Pugmire ,of the Herald, told residents to keep an eye on the construction at the old Kmart.

    This got a lot of people guessing that Trader Joes was coming in. Unfortunately, its not Trader Joes, but we are getting an At Home-Home Decor store. They have around 88 locations, so this isn't a drive by business. I expect that they did their homework and felt they could succeed and I wish them all the best. Provo certainly needs a few business to succeed down there, it's getting bad.

    For those of you not giving up on Trader Joes in Provo, there's still a few long shot locations. The former Good Earth space in East Bay( remember Trader Joes are small). The former Shopko in Provo (not likely, way more space than they need). Riverwoods is out, they have their own Good Earth type concept coming soon and I think West Provo is out simply because I can't see them doing new construction with nothing around. That leaves the most likely landing space as........Vineyard. Right in front of the new Megaplex theatres. It's certainly not where I would like to see it go, but barring a Miracle, its what I see happening.
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      Alex Whitt We'll really see Trader Joe's intelligence by whether they move to Orem or Provo. Provo is so damn stingy with their money I don't think they would do as well. Don't get me wrong, Orem isn't exactly far off from Provo, but Vineyard seems to be attracting more higher income couples than Provo or Orem.
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      Brittany Gibbs Bummer :(
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      Nate Phillips that Kmart space is a terrible spot. i don't blame them for passing. its hard to see at home doing well - as IMhome didn't last. The best spot for TJ's would be somewhere in town like the RC willey building next to Smith's or part of the 100 south dev. if we got a City Target next door = heaven.
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