Forge Companies recently announced that they will be building another six story apartment complex that will provide 75 upscale apartments in the heart of Downtown Provo. Forge Companies is the same company that is currently developing the 63 East apartment complex, another place for upscale living. The name for this new complex? 80 North.

The primary parking for those who live here will be at the Wells Fargo Bank parking and will have 80 reserved stalls. There will also be some underground parking that will provide about 30 parking stalls. On top of that, they are are also trying to convince city officials to allow them get an additional 20 parking spaces on the ground level outside the building.  This will provide roughly 1.5 parking stalls per apartment.

What exactly will the apartments look like? Those who live on the main floor will have  modern Brownstone, two-story apartments along with the usual walk-up stoops. This design is very prevalent in cities like New York. Every apartment will also have their own balcony with great views of a booming Downtown Provo.

The apartments being built will either be two bedroom or three bedroom. They are specifically trying to target an upscale audience with the urban setting. This, along with 63 East, will really cater to those who want to live in Provo, but not in or near the areas dominated by BYU and UVU college students.

This video below starts out showing 63 East but slowly reveals the new 80 North apartment complex.

Don’t be surprised if you see more complexes like this pop up in the next few years. With the thriving music scene, growing nightlife and more shopping and work in the area, Downtown Provo is only going to expand with more living options.

No construction dates have been announced yet.


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    From the renderings it looks like more cheap stucco could be headed our way…I sincerely hope not.