If you haven’t been following the local news, there is apparently a young man in his 20’s that is running around BYU campus groping women. It’s ironic to many that BYU of all colleges has such a thing. The local police are claiming this man is a “serial groper” however he is mainly known as the “BYU Groper” by the media. While to many this is a serious issue that needs to be solved, others can’t help but find the humor in all of the coverage.

A couple days ago a Twitter account with the handle @BYUgroper went live and has quickly been gaining followers, most of them being women. The account is unlikely ran by the actual “BYU Groper” but rather a fellow local looking to capitalize on the media coverage. The tweets take a comedic approach posting the “thoughts” of the groper and many on social media are having fun with it.

Despite the popularity of the Twitter account, many don’t find this account humorous at all and feel it has crossed the line.

A recent blog post by a local victim of rape is also gaining traction as she describes how this serious situation shouldn’t be taken lightly.  The blog post ends with the following words:

“These Twitter accounts are only adding to rape culture by making fun of it. It is not “all in good fun.” I beg any followers to stop supporting this kind of humor. If you’re reading this post and you share my feelings, share the post with your friends. Help them understand why it’s not okay to make light of sexual assault.”

What do you think about the Twitter account? Is the groping situation being taken too seriously by the media or is this crossing the line? Leave your thoughts below!

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