It’s no secret that Google Fiber has been feeling the heat this past summer as the public has been criticizing Google for its strict policy on servers. Google’s Acceptable Use Policy for Google Fiber banned “any type of server”. Yes, even your server for your favorite online game was technically forbidden by Google’s guidelines. Even though Google was telling everybody that the ban only applied to commercial and business servers, their policy said otherwise. That left many potential Google Fiber customers weary of signing up for the 1 Gbps speeds.

This policy was especially troubling for some Provo locals, who after reading about the server ban decided to protest outside of the Convention Center in Downtown Provo where Google was holding early sign-ups. The protest continued for a few days and suddenly Google’s terms had changed. All it took was a small protest and Google made the official change their contracts.


While this eases the worries of many locals who want Google Fiber for their home, the ban on commercial servers still remains. One of the primary reasons Google Fiber came to Provo, Utah was that Google really liked the growing tech hub and entrepreneurial spirit in the city. So to ban commercial use of servers from these entrepreneurs and young startups sends really mixed messages angering many in the startup scene.

Google has confirmed that Fiber business plans are in the works and I would assume these plans would allow commercial servers to be ran on the network. Will it be the low price of $70 a month? Very unlikely.