AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is one of the most popular television series airing right now. The zombie apocalypse series follows a group of people as they survive in a world filled with the living dead, also known as ‘walkers’. AMC recently launched an app called “Dead Yourself,” which allows you to upload a photo of yourself and turn yourself into a walker.

This got me thinking, what would some of the notable people from Provo look like if they became walkers? Odds are they wouldn’t be so friendly anymore, that is, if they can smell your flesh. Enjoy these photos and see if you can guess who they are! Answers are at the bottom!



Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees



Donny Osmond



Provo Mayor John Curtis


Kurt Bestor



Lavell Edwards



Steve Young



A. Tyler Glenn (Neon Trees)
B.  Donny Osmond (Musician)
C. John Curtis (Provo Mayor)
D. Kurt Bestor (Musician)
E. Lavell Edwards (Former BYU Football Coach)
F. Steve Young (Former NFL QB)


  • Matt Showalter

    I think we need one for Cosmo