Provo is by far one of the most unique cities in America. Which is why it finds itself both being criticized and praised. This infographic takes some interesting data about Provo, Utah and displays it in a visual way. I certainly learned a few things about Provo I didn’t know before, hopefully you learn something too!

Live In Provo

  • Greg Simpson

    Pretty interesting stats! Love the 17.1% is obese stat haha!

  • Jon Stevens

    Way cool graphic guys. A lot of facts I didn’t know about P-Town!

  • Tosh Metzger

    actually, i read an article that said provo was only 84% mormon, not the 88%. provo is diluting in that regard (thank goodnes, IMO) because its growing so fast. when i was a kid in the 1970’s it was 96% mormon. in another 20 years we may be in the 70% range. 🙂