Three years ago a beautiful thing happened in St. George. Nicole Tanner and her husband decided to open a drive-by drink shop. They called the business “Swig” and opened up their first location across the street from Dixie State in April 2010 and it has been nothing but success since then. They recently have announced a location for Provo, UT.

While the idea of a drink and cookie shop has been done several times in the past, Swig became a local media sensation and was clearly doing something right. They quickly had to open up a second location to battle the long lines it was receiving. Not only is the St. George heat a factor for Swig’s success, but because so many Northern Utah residents are traveling to and from Las Vegas and California, it has become a convenient stop for tourists. It would be hard to duplicate that success starting out in another Utah city.

Of course the entrepreneurial spirit in Utah isn’t going to let a successful business idea go to waste. Since then two Swig knockoff’s have recently hit the streets in Northern Utah. “The Slurp” opened up in American Fork this past summer and “Sodalicious” opened up just two days ago near Downtown Provo. Both places feature the similar menus and pricing as Swig and both offer a drive-by experience.

Swig has announced that their Provo location will be located on Canyon Road just down the street from Lavell Edwards Stadium near the Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen. They are hoping to open by the first of the November 2013.

Swig will certainly put a dent in the popular Hawaiian Ice stand on that same street, but how will the other two local knockoff’s fare? The Slurp in American Fork will likely take a hit in business since many locals from Orem and Provo drive up there for a drink and sugar cookie fix. However, I think they’ll manage to stay in business and feed off the local residents who don’t want to make the drive to Provo. Sodalicious won’t be as lucky. They are already in a very small and awkward spot where if more than four cars are in line, traffic is being blocked. Without the ability to move through orders quickly, it will be hard to keep up with the volume Swig will be doing. Both The Slurp and Swig also offer various coffee drinks however Sodalicious has chosen not to serve coffee, which may end up hurting them.

What do you think of the Swig announcement? Leave your comments below!

  • Julie Dayley

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  • Nate Phillips

    nothing has worked in that location for past 15 years. I don’t think that pizza hut or dairy queen thrive…and there have been 2 pizza and a burger place or two that have all shut down. i would be nervous.

  • woniston

    Yes, greek n go, or as we called it “Greek and Blow” sure didnt last more than a month or 2