Is it just me, or does Provo seem to be stepping it up lately? From Google Fiber, to added flights at the Provo airport, to our fancy new Rec Center, this small college town feels like it’s finally putting itself on the map of awesomeness. All I have to say is, it’s about time! Before Provo Mayor John Curtis announced the added flight to LAX from the Provo airport at the Stadium of Fire on Thursday, he asked his blog readers to throw in their two cents about what the big announcement could be. Although the available comments were moderated, the published ones reveal what Provo citizens have on their wish list for Provo in the future. Judging from the direction Provo is headed, maybe some of those suggestions will be taken seriously; perhaps Mayor Curtis and the city of Provo will continue to keep us on the edge of our seats at community events in the future. Here are some of the requests:


City Creek Salt Lake City Provo residents are jonesin’ for a Target, Trader Joe’s, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, Steak-N-Shake, Chik-Fil-A, Apple store, and a Gateway-esque outdoor mall on Center Street…all within city limits. Let’s not forget the plea for a Chipotle. With so many residents from out-of-state, it’s no wonder that people are lobbying for restaurants nearby that remind them of home.


foto-principsdileni-01-full Commenters had a field day over proposed changes to transportation within Provo. I’m not surprised, since it takes most residents a good 15 minutes to find a freeway entrance from their homes. With most of town wedged between mountains and the freeway, there isn’t a lot of physical space for improvement. But citizens are speaking up with proposals like: a new freeway offramp at 700 N and a belt route for easier access to the TRAX station, a city-wide bicycle share program, and a subway that connects to the train station. Other suggestions include connecting the TRAX line (or a street car) to BYU, and extending the Heber Creeper down to University Avenue.



A few sports fans pleaded for an NFL Team (What would that even be named? The Provo Penguins?) or a Real Salt Lake Pro Reserve Team. What, the Orem Owlz aren’t good enough for you guys?! Ten karma points to whoever comes up with the catchiest team name in the comment section below.

Community Improvement

Some big ideas for Provo included a plan to improve the Joaquin neighborhood south of BYU campus, a theme park (!!!!!), or a city solar panel contract. I’m guessing that the city will have its hands full with the Google Fiber implementation for a while, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

Or, my favorite…

“Please, please let it be a community-wide effort to take away the title of world’s largest ball of twine from Cawker, KS! Make Provo the home of the world’s largest ball of twine!!!!”

Trolling aside, it’s interesting to hear what Provo citizens have to say about our town. The highest number of comments pertained to transportation; since Utah is known for its poor air quality, I would love to see something like the bike share program implemented in the near future. In the meantime, Provo has asked its citizens to compete in the Clear the Air Challenge, a month-long contest (in July) to decrease emissions and promote bike-riding. What do you think? Which one seems the most feasible? Would you add anything to the list? Please add your comments below, and we’ll share this with the mayor.

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  • 20smtgPeterPan

    1. I have never heard of a single person jonesing for a Stake-N-Shake.
    2. Two worlds: Provo Quails. Those birds are everywhere. Plus, the PQ’s has a nice ring to it. “Are you going the the PQ game?” “Totally, wouldn’t miss it.”

  • Betsy Hite Reddoch

    Are you crazy? I want Steak N Shake in my mouth RIGHT NOW.

  • Nick R

    Shut your dang mouth. Steak-N-Shake is the freaking best. Side-By-Side shakes, chili fries, steak burgers! I would make the drive to Las Vegas and endure a walk through the crappy South Point casino just to eat that. If I didn’t have to pick up my kids from daycare at 5.

  • Brandon Hassler

    I didn’t realize Stake N’ Shake was so popular! I stay at South Point Casino all the time and always walk past that place but haven’t eaten there. Until today I thought it was just a diner built by the casino there in Vegas. Looks like I’ll have it try it out next time!

  • Nick R

    It’s all over the south. And as everyone knows, the best greasy food is always found in the south. Speaking of which, they should also build a WaffleHouse here. That would make the greasiest day ever. Waffle House for breakfast, then Steak-N-Shake for lunch and dinner.

  • Betsy Hite Reddoch

    I nearly wept with joy when I realized there was a Steak-N-Shake across the street from the hotel I stayed at in Indianapolis for a work thing last year. I ate there at least once a day for the four days I was there.

  • Brandon Hassler

    Yeah I looked at their locations and they are HUGE in the East. I’ll try them out for sure next time in Vegas. Has anybody had Raising Canes in Las Vegas? THAT would make my day if they came to Provo.